Also Known As: Elafitski otoci, Elafiti14 °C

Crkvina is an island in the Adriatic Sea, part of the Elafiti archipelago, and of course belonging to Croatia. The island is rather small, uninhabited by humans, and its terrain is fully covered with a dense vegetation, actually a vegetation characteristic to the Mediterranean: evergreen forest. Under the shadow of this dense forest, there is a great variety of fauna, mostly small animals though, like badgers, rodents, snakes, squirels, because no bigger ones could ever live here, as finding enough food would be quite hard.
The Elafiti islands of which this island is also a part, were named after the Greek word “Elaphos” (meaning deer), by Pliny the Elder in the 1st century AC, and one could imagine these islands were once populated by the animals. That is hard to believe at this moment though, because like Crkvina the entire archipelago is almost covered in that dense forest mentioned earlier, but still, there are a few deers left and if you can run very fast they are wonderful to watch.
Nevertheless, if the land doesn’t offer that many options, the water arround this island does, and how well indeed, because every person on the planet could enjoy this rich underwater life, just waiting to be discovered. The corals, the seabed flora, the various species of beautiful, colorful fish, and maybe the few sunken ships, give probably more then enough persuasion for any sea lover to grab his diving equipment and head over to this island.



The entire archipelago has an underwater life specific to the Adriatic, that is filled with a rich flora(seaweed, gorgonians, posidonia, sea fans) but the... Login for more

Whales and wildlife

Well the island is rather small for big animals to live, but some small ones do, like rodents, a few snakes, squirrels, even some badgers.


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Area:<1 km2

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Getting there:Moderate
By ferry: From Slanoon the mainland or Mljet island.
When to go: