Cayo Buba

22 °C

A small island just south of Varadero, Cuba, but more of a satellite islet, because it’s at about 5 minutes from Varadero’s port. The island is inhabited by a few fisherman, but other then that is deserted.
Covered completely with dense mangrove vegetation, the island is home to a few small animals, from rodents to reptiles, but also some birds that have chosen it as their nesting ground. There is a beach too, with the silver sand characteristic to the entire region, and that may prove as an atraction, but unfortunately the island is mostly used for the great fishing spots it offers; That’s quite a shame really, because even though it’s small, the island is sitting on a wonderful coral reef , wich hosts a great variety of underwater life, from tropical fish, small turtles and shellfish. The water is crystal clear, and has a turqoise nuance, not to mention that it’s completely transparent, so snorkeling is a must for those that want to see some colorful fish, the most amazing sea fans, or perhaps some barrel sponges.
The weather around here is great most of the year, it’s a sub-tropical climate so that means there is a dry season in the winter, and a summer rainy season.
Winter is the best time to visit, because the temperatures won’t drop bellow 16 °C and the maximum is at about 30°C. In the summer it can get really hot, the temperature can soar up to about 39-43, the air is quite humid and the rain can hit when you’re not expecting. But summer is by no means out of bounds, if you can stand the heat.



The island is covered in dense vegetation, no roads.


The island is surrounded by coral banks, so diving can be quite an experience.


Some birds nest here, pelicans mostly though.

Whales and wildlife

Turtles, hermit crabs, iguanas.


Not much of a population, about 10 people, but Varadero is very close, so it’s about their culture and traditions, music, dancing, and let’s not forget the... Login for more


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Area:<1 km2

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Getting there:Easy.
By ferry: From Varadero, a 5 minute journey.
When to go: