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Just click on the map where you want to go, or use the menu to go to a specific ocean, region, country, archipelago or island. You can narrow down you search by clicking on the categories or subcategories of your choice in the advanced search menu. 
In time some categories of interest will get their own landing pages, where we want to offer you more information, updates, news, stories, pictures and videos.

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You will get more out of this site if you register. Tell us your preferences – eg are you a surfer, diver, are you a keen birdwatcher or just someone who wants to spend quality time away from it all while being pampered – and you will be able to see how other people with your preferences rate certain islands and categories.


How to rate

This is pretty straightforward. Just click on the stars and make your judgement.


(no stars) Avoid
Nothing for this category on this island. So there is no surf, no culture (only possible on an island that has never had any human impact), no beach, no wildlife, etc.
Hardly worth mentioning. There is something to be found here, but that same thing can be found almost anywhere else and better too.
There is something to be found here for those who are not picky or those who come here looking for something very specific.
Whoever you are, you will find something of your longing here that is satisfying enough to justify a visit to this island.
Even if you are spoilt, have seen or experienced more than most others, you will be impressed with this island.
Top of the bill
You will not so much feel rewarded for visiting this island, you will  feel blessed! Five stars are only handed out to the absolute best, to   the magical islands of this planet, the iconic ones. The Galapagos,  Easter Island, Bali, New Zealands South Island, etcetera.