About us

All About Islands aims to be exactly what the name says: all about islands. Or even better: all about all islands. We want to name, describe and where possible rate every single island on the planet.

That is: in seas and in oceans only, because for now this site does not include freshwater islands. For ‘romantic’ reasons if for no other: we have been inspired by the great explorers, Columbus, Magelhaes, Cook, Tasman and the likes. And by fictitious island characters made immortal by writers like Daniel Defoe and Robert Louis Stevenson.

The image of an island all by itself in a deep blue, emerald green or steel grey sea does something to the human soul. It offers a glimpse of paradise or of nature as it should be. It recalls deeply rooted senses about a safe haven, a mystical experience, the need to explore or to be left on your own. Or it is simply our dream holiday-destination.


Tell us

The making of this site is not only a very laborious task, it is also more difficult then it would seem at first glance. There are tens of thousands, possibly even more than one hundred thousand islands on earth. Some of them have never seen any human being set foot on it. And quite a lot of islands still seem to have no name or have multiple names. So we will need your help too, dear islandlover. And you can, by registering and telling us about the island you live on or islands you know a lot about.



We would also like to address the matter of objectivity. First of all: there is no such thing as objectivity. We try very very hard to be as unbiased and neutral as possible, but we do not intend to just dryly sum up the facts and tell you what almost anyone could have told you.

Unlike a lot of websites out there, we are not commercially connected to any company, operator, hotel chain or whatever. We do need to cover all costs, like any media outlet. And so, like any media outlet, we do welcome advertisers. However: we want to make it crystal clear that we will never let our content be influenced by any advertiser or sponsor: this would totally undermine our independency and trustworthiness. We therefore do not take any responsibility for the content of advertisements on our pages.


Jan Ligthart

Jan Ligthart is the creator of All About Islands. For the past 27 years he lived and worked in the Netherlands and Australia and traveled extensively. He has been reporting on foreign affairs, environmental and social issues for national media in the Netherlands. Last year it was time for a sea change: he decided to turn his lifelong passion for islands into a lifelong project. 
"Every society, every man, every thought is an island. But I prefer the earthy ones surrounded by oceans or seas."


Frans Mouws

Frans Mouws was a sailor, a port- and transport technologist, an industrial engineer and an ICT manager. But most of all he is a cinematographer and publicist. He wrote over 15 books and more than 20 articles and papers concerning islands, explorations, explorers, books, dodo's, libraries and much more.
"Jan asked me to join him in developing the biggest community and website completely dedicated to islands, their inhabitants, wildlife and culture and much more. I had to think for a whole five seconds, it might have been six, to decide to join him and jump head deep into this project."