Kiribati angry about UN red tape

by Jan Ligthart

KIRIBATI, 20 March 2014 - Once again Kiribati challenges the world to do something for the smallest of island nations that are in clear danger because of climate change. The country criticised the UN for their funding mechanisms. Small island nations like Kiribati are being outmuscled by larger states that throw in a lot of expertise and money in the race to get UN funds for climate change adaptation. 

Kiribati berates the UN for making the criteria to access those funds too complicated. The smaller nations do not have the means or manpower to sort out all of these criteria. Kiribati minister Elisala Pita: "We can talk all day about climate impacts, but what can we do without financial support?" 

Only last week Kiribati suffered major damage after king tides flooded the islands of the tiny nation.