More than a lifetime


Islands are just pieces of land jutting out from the sea. Some are bare, some are full of life. Some have millions of people living on them. Others, actually most of them, are uninhabited. There are islands that no one would think twice about: they are just there and hold no alure for anyone except the most fanatical islomaniacs of the world. 

But mention the word island and most people's eyes will get hazy, if even for a millisecond. No other word so easily conjurs up an image, a fantasy. It makes us dream of that ultimate destination: a place away from it all. For those of us living on an island, it means home. And in a much more profound sense than it does with mainlanders.

For some people islands mean birds. Other think of whales, dolphins, fish, corals, diving and surfing. Some will imagine wild, exotic places with colourful cultures whereas others will have desolate, windswept arctic islands on their mind.

Of cause the sailors amongst us see islands in a whole different way: as bus stops of the ocean, safe havens if the weather turns foul. And maybe the most precious quality of all is that a lot of islands are mini-biospheres with unique endemic species, be it birds, plants, mammals, insects or reptiles.

There is so much to like, to love and to be curious about with islands, that it would take more than a lifetime to get to know all of the tens of thousands of islands out there. I hope this website over time will make it easier to at least get a glimpse of those most beautiful places on earth. Welcome to All About Islands and may you stay with us for a long time!